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Most of us can either remember the shaggy carpet days or have seen movies from the seventies with shag carpets proudly on display. Good news, carpeting is making a comeback! Better news, carpeting isn’t as horrendous as it was in the seventies! In fact, most carpeting today provides comfort, style, and ease of care to homes.

There are also many new options for carpeting. For example, you can opt for a pattern, loop, texture, or frieze design. Many carpets are now designed with stain-resistant material. Additionally, many carpeting manufacturers also offer extended warranties on their carpets for soiling abrasion, fading, stains, defects, and even loss of texture retention. Some carpet manufacturers are even working to save the earth by recycling billions of plastic bottles to make their carpeting.

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Carpet Designs

Carpeting is trending right now, especially since each of the new carpet designs mentioned above are different and unique in appearance. If you are considering choosing carpeting as your flooring solution, you will likely want to know more about each design. Here is a list of the designs with more information to better understand which carpeting trend would look best in your home.

Pattern Carpeting: When discussing patterned carpeting, the styles are often divided into three categories: curvilinear, geometric, and figural patterns.

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  • Curvilinear Patterns: These patterns comprise curving lines in the carpet. You can achieve this design style on any carpet. To create the lines, designers use a higher-density knot. The technique uses an item known as a talim. Since the method requires such precision and craftsmanship, these carpets are typically made in workshops creating finer carpets.

  • Geometrical Patterns: When you see a carpet with patterns with straight lines creating diagonals, triangles, or other geometrical shapes, this style of carpeting is labeled as a geometrically patterned carpet. You will typically see this on carpets with medallion motifs or all-over motifs.

  • Figural Patterns: This carpeting style is rare and primarily seen in Eastern countries. This carpet pattern displays people or animals and is unlikely to be used as a flooring solution but rather as a work of art.

You will likely find patterned carpets in magnificent and elegant homes with rich elements adorning the house.

  • Loop Style Carpeting: Loop carpets are left as loops meaning they are not sheared like other cut carpets. You can find loop-design carpeting in many textures, weights, and thicknesses. This type of carpeting is generally made of nylon, wool, or olefin. Homeowners wanting to add plushness and a cozy vibe to a room would likely choose loop carpeting. This style is highly durable, stain resistant, comfortable, and lush, making it a perfect carpet for a child’s room or the living room.

  • Texture Carpeting: This style of carpeting occurs when sewing pieces of yarn create cut piles into a backing material. A smooth and leveled surface is obtained when the yarn is swirled into spirals. When this style of carpeting is installed, you will likely see our carpeting professionals press down on the carpet using a heated steamer. This carpet is perfect for any room in the house. It gives a sleek and well-manicured look to the home.

  • Frieze Carpeting: Frieze carpeting is the most popular carpeting style right now. You’ll find this style of carpeting in several design books labeled as a trending flooring solution. Long fibers with a high twist characterize frieze carpeting. The long pile fibers are twisted nearly three to five times under steam. The twisting is done tightly so the fibers curl back upon themselves, creating a dense texture that performs well under heavy traffic. Think of this carpet as an evolved version of the shabby carpets from the seventies. However, they differ in that this style and technique does not compress or flatten like old shag carpets.

    Additionally, frieze carpets are constructed of skinnier fiber strands than traditional shag carpeting. This style of carpeting looks excellent in a variety of home settings. However, you’ll find it is most compatible with more of a casual or bohemian décor. Maybe the perfect place for this style of carpeting would be a teenager’s room.

If you miss the days of lounging on plush carpeted floors or walking on a carpeted floor, then carpets might be the perfect flooring solution for your home. Carpets are also a great way to add more design elements to your space, helping create the desired look of your home.

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