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The Top Flooring Trends of 2023 (Continued)

We have a bounty of information to share about current floor trends, so much so that it would not fit in just one blog post. We hope you will continue reading to learn more about the exciting flooring trends for 2023!

The Most Desired Floor Textures of 2023

Many popular flooring textures these days have a rustic and worn appearance, evoking feelings of calmness and reminding one of nature and natural textures. Rock N’ Roll Floors has various methods to achieve this look. The most common ways to create texture in your flooring include the following:

Brushed: The brushed texture is a bright choice for people with little time to clean since this texture hides dirt better than the rest.

Distressed: Distressed wood is purposely crafted to resemble an aged appearance, complete with scratches, marks, and burn marks. The distressed look gives the impression that it has been around for a long time. Many people appreciate this weathered and antique look. If you desire a rustic aesthetic, using distressed wood can help you achieve the desired idyllic theme for your home.

Hand-Scraped: We can create a distinct texture for each plank by manually scraping the floor, ensuring that each one has a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Ready for Wider Planks as a Top Floor Design in 2023?

The latest trend in flooring is the use of wide wood planks, which are gaining popularity daily. Narrow planks are no longer in fashion, as longer and wider individual planks are becoming more prevalent. Here are a few reasons why:

Visibility: Wide planks are becoming more popular because they showcase the natural wood grain. You no longer must strain your eyes to appreciate the unique finish of your flooring. With wide planks, a simple glance reveals the beautiful design, character, and individuality they bring to any space.

Open Feel: Wide planks create a more open and airier feel than narrow planks because they have fewer lines cutting through the floor. Choosing a wide plank design highlights the simplicity and complements the current minimalist craze.

Rustic: Wide planks are ideal for creating a rustic look since they showcase the natural imperfections and grain of the wood, a critical element of the popular weathered design trend.

Flooring Color Trends of 2023

We researched the most searched flooring colors on Google to determine the most popular ones in 2023. Many prolific designers advocate for natural and modern colors in 2023. We are beginning to see subtle shades that coordinate well with other accent colors become more prominent, and the trend will only grow. Below is a list of what our research discovered to be the most in-demand colors for specific flooring materials:

  • Most Searched for Hardwood: Dark, light, and grey colors
  • Most Searched for Carpet: Black and grey
  • Most Searched for Tile Flooring Options: White and Black Tile
  • Most Searched Laminate Flooring Colors: Grey and White
  • Most Searched Vinyl Flooring Colors: White and Grey

Since simplistic elegance is probably going to continue as a central theme, interior designers believe you will likely see more of these colors trending for 2023:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Greige (mixing grey with beige)
  • Cool tones
  • Honey

Making Statements with Your Flooring Options

In 2023, it is all about showcasing your style and personality through home decor. Your flooring plays a vital role in this, as it defines the character of your home and sets the tone for each room. When choosing flooring, make sure it complements your desired aesthetics.

Rock N’ Roll Floors for Your Flooring Projects

At Rock N’ Roll Floors, we are dedicated to assisting you in discovering the ideal flooring solution for your home and providing exceptional installation services. You can choose a convenient time for an in-home consultation with one of our flooring installation experts. They will showcase our extensive range of flooring choices, and after you have selected one, we can schedule the installation. Our team takes pride in their work and guarantees the best possible outcome. If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied! Please call (901) 602-5050 to arrange your consultation.

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